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User-Cashier Maintenance

User-Cashier Maintenance User and Cashier maintenance has been modified. You can now create or edit a user id and the

Add logo to Receipt

Logo Setup and Installation for Epson printers Printer Software install Image preparation and requirements Loading Image onto printer Configuring POS

Online Orders Resume Suspend and Modify

Resuming Online and Mail Order Transactions Prerequisite The employee resuming the transactions are setup as Cashiers. The PC or Register

Campus Integration Web

Campus Integration – Pass Student Course info to webserver to get a listing of books. For Sections webstore 2.x only.

Implementation Guide for IT

Network Rules The following is a list of connections that may need to be opened on any firewall systems regulating

Firewall Rules

Below is a list of traffic that will need to allowed through the bookstore firewall for access to TCS systems.