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Sell Gift Cards Online

The purpose of this article is to cover the steps a customer can take to sell a gift card online.

Add Image to a Fee Code

Add Image to a Fee Code If you need to add an image to a Fee code so that you

Web Order Confirmation Status Display

Web Order Confirmation Status Display To view the current status of a customer confirmation number Log to POS.26.26 “Web Order

Colleague Split Tender Checkout (FA)

Colleague-POSConnect/AR Split Tender   Setup Please contact support to setup AR or POSCONNCECT Split Tender options. Web Customer View The

Coupon, Promo, Voucher, Gift Certificate and Gift Card Setup – Online Redemption and Checkout

Setting up – redeeming Coupons, Promos, Vouchers, Gift Cards and Certificates. This training document will walk you through setting up

Adopt GM Items

Adopting GM Items Enter or Modify your adoption TX.1.1,  select the DEPT/CRS/SECT in Adoption Maintenance you wish to add your

Resume Order Search Setup

Searching Suspended Orders. Purpose of this document is to setup a search box prompt when you are resuming a transaction,

Print Pickslip

In POS.26.13 (Print Pickslips) the ‘Status’ has been modified to have a ?? button and a new option of O,E

Web Order Returns

The steps below cover how to return a web order. It’s virtually identical to a regular return, with two exceptions;

Campus Webstore Parameters

The following steps cover setting up the Campus Webstore parameters, email parameters, shipping and other settings in order to use