Category: Accounts Receivable

File Transfer Changes and Setup

TCS customers can transfer files via Secure FTP (SFTP) which allows customers to upload course imports, Redshelf catalogs and various

Set or Reset a User Password

While the steps on how to change a user’s password are straight forward, there are a few points that need

TCS Department/Class Setup

Before you can add any inventory items for Fee codes you must have the Department and Classed setup that the

Custom Reports Through Query Builder

The TCS Query Builder is a very powerful tool for users of SmartSuite to customize or create new reports that

Getting a Report Into Excel

These instructions cover how to save your reports as a text file and then import it into Excel. Most reports

A/R General Ledger Interface

This document describes the posting of Manually Entered Invoices and Payments within the A/R module

Create AR Customer

Quick guide on create a new AR customer account.

Creating AR Agents

Guide on how to create AR agents.

Background Processing (Self Hosted)

Overview Background Processing allows you to run recurring reports as background processes to be run immediately or at scheduled times.

AR History

Instructions on how to move invoices and accounts to history, clean up the cross references and view historical data.