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Sell Gift Cards Online

The purpose of this article is to cover the steps a customer can take to sell a gift card online.

Colleague Split Tender Checkout (FA)

Colleague-POSConnect/AR Split Tender   Setup Please contact support to setup AR or POSCONNCECT Split Tender options. Web Customer View The

Coupon, Promo, Voucher, Gift Certificate and Gift Card Setup – Online Redemption and Checkout

Setting up – redeeming Coupons, Promos, Vouchers, Gift Cards and Certificates. This training document will walk you through setting up

Online Orders Resume Suspend and Modify

Resuming Online and Mail Order Transactions Prerequisite The employee resuming the transactions are setup as Cashiers. The PC or Register

Campus Webstore Parameters

The following steps cover setting up the Campus Webstore parameters, email parameters, shipping and other settings in order to use

Adding GM Items to the Web

Instructions on how to create and maintain web catalogs and how to add GM items to the web store.

Legacy Faculty Adoptions – Web Side

Instructions for Faculty members on how to submit adoptions via the Legacy interface.

Advanced Faculty Adoptions – Web Side

Instructions on how faculty perform their side of the advanced adoption process.

Advanced Faculty Adoptions – Store Side

Guide on the back office steps required for advanced faculty adoptions.

Mail Orders & eCommerce also known as Web Order Processing

Instructions on how to create a Mail Order transaction.