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Transfer and Import Redshelf Catalog

After adoption information has been exported and sent to Redshelf, they will send a catalog file back that contains the

Adopt GM Items

Adopting GM Items Enter or Modify your adoption TX.1.1,  select the DEPT/CRS/SECT in Adoption Maintenance you wish to add your

Textbook Sales History

Added a SH=Sales History to the MF screen, when you select this, the users default store will be used, user

Link to Rental Screen from TX – MI

Added a RE=Rental to the MI screen in TX. This option will only display if there is an associated rental

Manually Add or Remove Ebook

It is possible to manually add or remove an ebook, but there are some points of information you’ll need from

Set or Reset a User Password

While the steps on how to change a user’s password are straight forward, there are a few points that need

TCS Department/Class Setup

Before you can add any inventory items for Fee codes you must have the Department and Classed setup that the

Custom Reports Through Query Builder

The TCS Query Builder is a very powerful tool for users of SmartSuite to customize or create new reports that

Scanpal Usage Guide

Simple Overview The overall process is listed below with more details following. Charge your scanners and verify that they will

Printing Adoption Forms

Instructions on how to print adoption forms for faculty/staff to fill out.